Assessorial Fees

Revised February 1, 2021

American Linehaul Accessorial Service Fees

California Origination
14.5% Surcharge on all shipments originating in IPL, LAX, SAN, SFO, and SMF.
COD Fee 5% of collected charges, $30 minimum and $400 minimum
Container Load/Unload    LD3 – $130, LD7 – $230, LD9 – $330
Crate Unwrap Surcharge $150.00 per crate applied to any HWB if recovery agent uncrates the shipment on our dock.
Cross Dock Fee $5.50 /cwt. Or $0.055/lb. $25 minimum
Declared Value Fee   HWBs exceeding $.50 a pound must be a declared value. DV charge of $.60 per $100 (or fraction thereof) applies to any HWB with a declared value.
Devanning/Container/Special Trailer Unload$350 per palletized trailer or container or $400 per non-palletized trailer or container plus Skid Exchange/Surcharge rate per pallet as shown below 
Florida Destination Shipments   9.5% Surcharge on Shipments terminating in Florida
Fuel Surcharge Set weekly.
Document Preparation $10.00 per Document
Hard Copy POD$35.00
HWB Reconsignment Fee$35.00 per ALC HWB (change the Recovering Agent/Consignee on HWB)
HWB Re-Route Fee  $25.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges (change Destination on HWB)
HWB Splitting  $50.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges. (Recovering Agent/Consignee is responsible for recovering correct piece at ALC Destination)
HWB Termination  $35.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges. (Terminate HWB at a location en-route to its original destination)
JFK Shipments $0.02 per lb. on all originating & terminating JFK shipments.
Minimum Pick up ChargeSubject to a weekly fee if set average minimum is not met.
Oversized Handling$85.00 per shipment containing a dimension 96″ or greater; $2000.00 per shipment containing a dimension 144″ or greater; which is also subject to further review for linear charge.
Pallet Exchange   $6.00/ skid
Pallet Unwrap Surcharge    $25.00 per pallet will be applied to any HWB if a recovery agent unwraps the shipment on our dock.
Residential Fee     $30.00 per ALC HWB for pickup from/delivery to a private residence.        
Storage   $4.00 per cwt or $.04 per lb. subject to a $30/day min. applied after 48 Hours excluding weekends and Holidays
Skid Exchange/Surcharge $10.00 per skid recovered/per shipment (allocated to party responsible for freight charges). Rate includes shrink wrap prep for each pallet.
Video review/Clean POD     $40 for 1st hour, $25 for each hour after with $40 minimum. All request will be made in writing.
YUL/YYZ Destination
 $0.02 per lb on all terminating YUL & YYZ shipments. 

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